Expendition National Park

Sweden’s most beautiful area
Own team of sleddogs
Once in a lifetime experience

Day 1 

On the first day, our guide will pick you up at the Kiruna Airport or at your hotel in the city in the morning, we will then drive to our base which is just a few kilometres out of town.

While drinking a warm cup of coffee boiled on an open fire, you will have the chance to familiarize yourself with your guide, who will give you all the information about the trip and will be more than glad to answer all of your questions. After getting geared up and saying hi to our lovely and super friendly dogs the guide will give you a short lesson, explaining how to drive a sled, harness a dog and attach them to the line, and once all dogs are ready, we head out for a nice try-out tour that will make you familiar with the dogs, the sled and all your equipment. When we get back, dinner will be cooked on open fire and served in our grill hut, where you will spend the evening with your guide and our cuddly dogs. After dinner, time to hit the hay and have a nice rest in our Husky Lodge.

Day 2 

We start the morning with a substantial breakfast and then we feed our sleddogs together. We load the dogs into our dog cars and go up against the National Parks areas around Abisko or Alajärvi. We travel around 40-60 km along the wonderful valley and National Park Area which includes Elk, Eagle, Clean, Fox, Wolverine and Lo etc. We make a light lunch before we continue to our first overnight accommodation. Our camp is located close to the river and in the evening all of us help out feeding the dogs and continue making ourselves dinner on an open fire with local organic ingredients.

Day 3-6

We travel with the dog teams between 40-60 km in National Parks areas during the day, depending on weather and wind in the mountains. It can be a mix of strong winds and storm warning and days with sunlight and no wind. We will travel through some wilderness areas like Alajärvi Järämä, Kamas, Soppero, and we will also perhaps turn into Norway and in a completely unprepared track where our sled dogs will show us the way. Every evening will end with a common dinner and the evening may also contain a beautiful hot sauna.

Day 7

On the last day we travel back to Kiruna or to Nikkaluokta depending on weather and wind. We also have a chance to see Sweden’s highest mountain Kebnekaise on a closer look. Back at the kennel we will enjoy our time with the dogs and talk about the memories of a wonderful week of the National Parks areas in Europe’s last wilderness.

(There are two optional routes depending on conditions)


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