Tour Jack London

Tour details

  ●   4 Days
●   Big change to see wild life
●   Own team of sleddogs

We tailor tours for you and are also flexible around arrival and departure dates.


This tour is perfect for those of you who want to have a taste of a real arctic adventure yet with comfort, and big chances to see wildlife or admire the northern lights in the arctic wilderness, far away from any light pollution.

Day 1 On the first day, our guide will pick you up at the Kiruna Airport or at your hotel in the city in the morning, we will then drive to our base which is just a few kilometres out of town.
While drinking a warm cup of coffee boiled on open fire, you will have the chance to familiarize with your guide, which will give you all the information about the trip and will be more than glad to answer all of your questions. After getting geared up and saying hi to our lovely and super friendly dogs the guide will give you a short lesson, explaining how to drive a sled, harness a dog and attach him to the line, and once all dogs are ready, we head out for a nice try-out tour that will make you familiar with the dogs, the sled and all your equipment. 
When we get back, dinner will be cooked on open fire and served in our grill hut, where you will spend the evening with your guide and our cuddly dogs. After dinner, time to hit the hay and have a nice rest in our Husky Lodge.

Day 2 The days starts of course with a substantial breakfast in our Husky Lodge and after that you are more than welcome to come outside and assist or just watch the guides taking care of the morning chores in the yard. It’s now time to pack the sleds with all the food and equipment needed for the adventure and head out into the wilderness! On this day we will travel 40-50 kilometres through forests, snow-covered swamps and across frozen rivers and lakes towards the Alajarvi Nature Reserve. The area is gorgeous and it’s moose winter pasture land, so we will have chances of encountering the king of the forest and other wildlife. After taking care of the dogs and setting up the camp, we will have a nice warm dinner and we will spend the night in tents tucked in in our warm winter sleeping bags.  

Day 3 First thing in the morning is of course taking care of the dogs and once they are all fed, it’s time for our breakfast; after that we pack our stuff and hit the trail again. Day 3 will cover a distance similar to day 2, 40-50 km and will give you the chance to try your luck at ice fishing in some of the best fishing spots in the area. Today’s ride will get us to our hut on the Rautas river, where we will enjoy a tasteful dinner and spend the night either in cabin or heated Venor tent. Here we even have a sauna waiting for us! Day 4 It’s the last day of our arctic adventure, and just like all the others, we start it with a nice meal for dogs and people. After breakfast it’s time to head back towards our base and to civilization, but not before enjoying the last beautiful ride that after about 20 Km will get us back to the kennel. Once again, we will meet in our hut for a last snack and coffee, sharing thoughts and memories from the trip with your guide, who will then drop you off at your hotel in Kiruna in the early afternoon.  

Important information: 
- Routes and distances may vary depending on trail and weather conditions. 
- Days are interchangeable. 
- The tour requires a minimum of physical fitness. 
- Please let us know as soon as possible if you have any special needs, such as food allergies, special medical conditions or other.
What we provide: 
- Clothes for extreme weather: parka, snow pants, boots/overshoes, mittens, balaclava. 
- Winter sleeping bag and liner, mattress/ reindeer skin. 
- Full board from dinner on day 1 to lunch snack on day 4: food and drinks, no alcohol. 
- Accommodation for 3 nights. 
- Own sled with 4-5 dogs. 
- Professional guide for the entire duration of the trip. 
What you must have with you: 
- Thermal underwear: longsleeves shirt and long johns (wool works best). 
- Socks: wool works best, no cotton. One pair of socks per day at least! 
- Fleece sweater and pants. 
- Wool sweater. 
- Jacket to wear while not on the sled or under the big parka.
- Beanie. 
- Headlamp, the stronger the better. 
- Goggles/sunglasses. 
- Finger gloves, to be used for feeding dogs, carrying wood and other jobs. 
- Towel for the sauna. 
- Love for dogs :)