Iditarod 2015

The deep freeze.

Mats story about the Iditarod 2015

After 2014 I am hooked by the feeling to run Iditarod and went back this year 2015

I have a very solid team of dogs with me and my Main leaders Memphis ,Holly and Titan with me over this time and Eggs fly over with my good friends Birger and Eva

Before alredy My great friend Torsten Kohnert had bring some of my dogs as Uno, Avalanche and Pedro to Alaska and he finished the Yukon quest in great style with all of theme to the finish togheter with our leader Brennan also

I had 12 dogs in my team this year from me and Torsten and the last dogs we got into the team was Suspect, Kroner and Mega from Jeff King and Attilia from Thomas Werner.


This years race was realy realy Cold ! WE are used to cold weather but constently around 45-50 in 3-4 days was tough on Mushers most, the Dogs did Awseome and ate every Meal during the whole Race ! that’s Amazing!

It was some realy long legs this year with 15-17 hours run in the beginning of the race and my feeling was that my team was always best in the end of this long runs, a little bit slowly out but realy good in the end

I was actually only past in the whole race by 3 teams between checkpoints and Martin Buser past me I was shure it was a snowmobile that come from behind ! Some crazy fast sleddogs there.

We took our 24 hour layover in Galena with full string of dogs 16 Galena was fine for the dogs but I regret I did not take it in beautiful Huslia the home town of George Attla it was a amazing spirit and feeling in that place.

After the 24 hour me and my good musher Friend Ray Redington went out same time and run a long leg to Koyukuk which was not the best checkpoint on this race and rested the some hours before heading to Kaltag

The team did great and was in good spirit all the time, Titan, Memphis and Holly was in lead 90 % of the time


I run into Old WOMENS cabin in pretty bad weather and was surprised to see many teams there when I arrived as Neff, Werner, Philips, Gebhardt

Into Unalakleet in good spirit the dogs eating like crazy and head out to Shaktoolik after a 6 hours break with 13 dogs still in the team

After Shaktoolik we had our toughest run on the race heading into Koyuk, the sled did not have any good friction on the snow and it was the slowest run on the race for me but to my surprise I could se that we did it in 7,42 which was a ok time compared to other teams and we felt like it went so slow

WE rested 5 hours in Koyuk before we had off to Elim and White Mountain togheter with a Great Musher Friend Richie Diehl in strong winds

The last leg from White Mountain to Nome was realy nice and the dogs looking so good running into front street into a 25 place with 12 Dogs in harness and Titan and Holly as leaders


We finished the race with all My own dogs accept Pedro who got just tired in the last leg

That’s something we are realy proud of into a 25 place 16 hours faster then 2014 and only 8 hours after the Nr 12 team into Nome