Finnmarksløpet 2012

The finnmark race is over for this time, I am very Happy with the team and the dogs where in good shape at the finish. This race was the toughest in many years because of snowstorms and bad trails. 

My team was very strong at the start i hold theme back the first 3 checkpoints but pass team as Robert Sörli and Come in togheter wit Harald Tunheim in to Skoganvarrre checkpoint.

Some part of the race this year we could not see the leaders for many hours because of the snow storm and tough trails.

My philosophy about racing is that i want a happy team and take the rest they need so i did this year also i rest this year in total 69 hours last year I rested 67 hours but this years running time was much longer because of the trails and the weather I finished 14 hours later the last year with a stronger team this year.

I am very happy for 5 of my super leaders during the race..Holly 3 years old has run all the races to finish since she was 1,5 year 2 finnmark 1000 km and femund 600, pasvik trail, tobacco trail. Amazing dog..(Puppy on here this summer !) Titan and Ross my 2 older boys 4 and 5 years old was great, Skorpan and Senja lead also som parts of the trail.

Actually the litter after Rumba and Tale(Karlström) Skorpan, Senja,Tams on my team and 2 other on Arne Karlströms team everybody finished this year race !!
super kombination..

Chess was super all the way, Gross did his 5 race to finish on finnmark, Elton is my 4 wheel super strong Boy Cash and Jenta did a great work i took theme out from the race because they 
are young dogs and was tired:) Cookie again in the A-Team surprise me and Daim and Duffy always do there work when i ask theme to

A big thanks to my Sponsors 
Swedemount super clothes, Oinakka and Vildmannens Great lines, Milos Gondas sleds, Troll mushing, Haglöfs my handlers Fabio, Camilla and Roger and also to Tormod and Berit who let me stay at their home before and after the race .....its so nice for my dogs :)

But the biggest thanks to Lotta and my family to all support and who let me do the race every year..

Best Foreign team on the race:) finished at 12 place of 54 super strong teams..we are pleased with that and looking forward to next year and start planning for that with new breedings:)

Happy trails