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Season 2019/2020

Early end of season Like for everyone else in the tourism branch also our season ended surprisingly quick when the Corona pandemic took over the decisions in the world. Nevertheless we have pretty much snow, most often sun and nice temperatures to do some runs with the dogs who - of course - can’t understand why they should rest in perfect running conditions. So, if you are in the area and want to do a husky tour, our dogs and team will be happy to enjoy the beautiful nature around our kennel together with you. Also, if you make plans for summer right now, consider to visit us. Our Husky Lodge offers cozy accommodation and we will do runs with dogs with the atv that you can join. Not to forget the puppies that love to be cuddled by every guest

Season 2019/20

Hello dear friends, mushers and guests!

The season has started with fresh snow and cold temperatures during the night.

Our amazing guides can't wait any longer for you to join them on our amazing trips across the beautiful landscape of Swedish lapland. With a lot of training done during the year are our dogs ready for the nicest part of the year.

The snow conditions are perfect with at least 30 cm of snow already in October, there is only one thing what we are waiting for and that is you!

Have a amazing and beautiful stay in our Husky lodge, Mongolian Yurt or our amazing Aurora Domes, with a nice and beautiful scenery you will never forget about your time with us.


We wish you all happy trails and are looking forward to meet you at Kiruna Sleddog Tours.





Summer Time!

Fresh news!


The summer is on it's way and we are open for our summer tours available at 9 Am and 7 Pm.


You also know that we have a nice Hostel called the Husky Lodge, but also that we have Aurora Domes ?

They are waiting for you to have a nice and beautiful stay in the beautiful area just 5 km out of Kiruna!


Feel free to visit our new born puppies and take a Fika over an open fire and meet our awesome dogs.


Did you know we participate every year in the worlds longest race in Alaska called the Iditarod ?

With our athletes 1800 km through Alaska. And I, Mats Pettersson, has finished it the last 6 years with our dogs from the kennel.

We wish you happy trails from Mats and the crew!

New accommodation

Our new accommodations for our husky aurora camp are coming soon!

Are you curious ?

We already have started the building process for the ground, soon we have our new accommodation standing and waiting for the first bookings!

We hope to see you, and sleep in our awesome new accommodations.


Happy trails.

Iditarod 2016

This years Iditarod was the easiest one by far of those 3 ones i been Finishing 

And the Fastest Iditarod I have run so far I Finished in 9 Days and 20 Hours into 27 Place with 13 Dogs in Harness

No bigger Storms NO Cold Weather and We had Snow 

I Was super Happy with the Performance of the Dogs and my Goal before the Race was 9 Days and 18 Hours Race

The Time I did has always give a top 20 and pretty often a Top 15 Place in the Race but this years start field was probably the best field Iditarod have seen with many many good Mushers and Sleddogs

About the Dogs Performance

My Dream was that I Could Finish with my Old man again Titan he has finished every race since 2 Years age and he impressed this year alsoand Finished in Lead to Nome

He is a Super dog and now he deserve the Couch at the kennel at 9 years Age 

Holly was one of the Best Leaders again with Memphis and Eggs

Of the Young Dogs Salmi, Voulos and Ranger was Amazing their first Iditarod and Nixon did a Very good work until Galena where I dropped him because he was tired and Zimba the Big Male I Dropped in Mcgrath when he did not pull into the Checkpoint

Avalanche and Uno and Pedro the 3 Amigos finished again Back to Back Quest and Iditarod 2014/15 and now 2016 Iditarod Race

Brennan the Small elegant bitchy Female had no problem in the race as normal and Finished easy

I had a Very good Deal with 3 Dogs from Tom Frodes kennel for the race Fiona was The Best and Gaska and Varas very good when Tom used 3 from me for The Quest Earlier same Year 

Now we looking to be better and looking to find friends and Sponsors to help us to make our Dreams possible to run another Iditarod 2017 for the 4 Year in a Row !!

If you want to follow us, help us and the Dogs just contact us at Mats(at) and I and The Dogs would love to have a cooperation with you 

Happy Trails

Mats Pettersson


Iditarod 2015 - The deep freeze

After Iditarod 2014 Mats decided to run once again the Last Great Race on Earth in 2015.

The race was a very cold one, that's how it got the years topic The deep freeze.

Mats did great again this year and he finished with a strong and big team of 12 dogs on place 25th.

Read the full story over here.

It was a big big journey for me

Mats Persson, 42, recently completed the famed Iditarod sled-dog race - a 1,600-kilometer race through the wilderness of the U.S. state of Alaska.

Competing for the first time, Pettersson crossed the finish line with a time of 10 days, 18 hours, 32 minutes and five seconds, coming in at 29th place.

In his hometown of Kiruna, Pettersson runs his own tour company that offers sled-dog trips in northern Sweden.

Radio Sweden's Frank Radosevich speaks to Pettersson about his travels through the harsh Alaskan tundra and about how he got interested in the sport in the first place.

Cold and tough

So once again we finished Eropes longest sleddog race Finnmarkslopet !

This year it was brutal cold down to minus 40 Celsius and it was tough menatally for both Dogs and Musher
i have my best team ever at the start this year , Unfortgently 5 of 6 dogs that finished Femund 600 and Amundsen
was dropped by tired muscles and to less resting time before the race, Its a learning thing for me to work more with massage and active resting for some of the dogs

The rest 8 dogs was super in the race and i run 700 km actually from Tana with 8 dogs and many of the legs with very good running times

At the end of the race we took some extra resting time to finish with a happy and helthy dog team, We rest 6 hours at the last checkpoint Jotka to give energy to the team and my self
I was also sick 2 days of the race with feber and the cold was tough on me at the end of the race

But what can you say about this Fanatastic animals !! i am so proud of the team this year we finished in a 19 place of 60 Mushers
WE where hoping for a top 10 finish but when we dropped so many dogs early in the race i am so happy just that we finished with a nice team

WE have one race still to go this year and its Pasvik trail in 2 weeks

There is one dog that run with Sebastian Femund 600
and finished with me Tobasklöpet, Amundsen and Finnmark 1000 km

He run 2500 km in 5 weeks he is on the picture
his name is Psycho its a Amazing sleddog !!

This years races and result

Training race Taisto place 5 Place
Tobakslöpet 3 Place
Amundsen Race 4 Place
Femund 600 ( SEbastian) 12 PLace
Finnmark 1000 km 19 Place

Psycho and me at the Finnmarkslopet finnish

Ready for Finnmark!

So now Me and Quest Champion Hugh Neff WHO stays at My place the last 2 weeks before the race is ready to Rumble !!
The Team is set
I Bring

Holly Memphis
Titan Psycho
Daim Duffy
Tams Senja
Chess skorpan
Vind Jenta
Belmore Rose ? 

Svein Kårtvedt and Bente Levorsen
Borrow some realy nice dogs for me and Hugh for the race and Kjell Brenodden has some realy solid dogs for the race to Hugh :) 
Also Emil Inauen and Tove Sörensen to borrow sleds for Hugh 
A big Thanks to those guys which help Hugh to running europes longest race !!

And most of all Thanks to our sponsors which help us make this

Team Sportia
Vildmannens drag

And most of all My wonderful Comming Wife Lotta and rest of family :)

Best Regards

Swedish Champions!

We have been running the Tobacco Trail 320 km last weekend and it was also swedish championship
we came in to 3 place and the first Swedish Team in the Race
That made us Swedish champions :)
We came to the finish with 13 of 14 dogs :)

I am very happy with the dogs, since i did not run 9 of the Main dogs that finished the Femund 600 with Sebasian some days before to a super
good 12 place :)

Psycho and Elton and Skorpan run 1000 km this week and finished :)

The Team i Run was

Fargo Memphis
Castro Puma
Nikita Psycho
Jenta Skorpan
Belmore Elton
Rose Björk
Holly Houdini

Happy Trails


Teams are ready for Femundlöpet and Tobacco trail

Today the Teams are ready for Femundlöpet 600 km where Sebastian PLur drive many of my Main dogs
and i take the younger ones to Tobacco Trail 320 km.
We have done all the longer training and the Dogs looks fine everything this year is preparing for Finnmark 1000 km in March thats our main Race this year

The Teams are
Sebastian (Femund)

Vind Psycho
Skorpan Senja
Daim Duffy
Elton Chess
Jenta Tams
Titan Gross

Mats ( Tobacco trail)

Kibble Holly
Fargo Nikita
Puma Houdini
Belmore Rose
Jazz Castro
Memphis Jäger

Happy Trails

I am back from my Wonderful trip to Alaska.

I met so many Mushers and kennels like Lance Mackey, Aily Zirkle, Paul Gebhardt, Jake Berkowitz, Rick Swensson, Dean osmar, Ramey Smyth, Mitch and Danny Seavy, Vern Halter, Jeff King and my good friend Mike Santos in the beutiful Cantwell in Denali park..

When you do a trip like this and come back home you just want to start training again and prepare for the race season :)

I got some super good dogs with me back home..I did a pretty good investigation before i went over to Alaska to find the Absolut best bloodlines and i was realy lucky :)

I met Jake Berkowitz and stay 3 night at his kennel in Big Lake and go the chance to buy a breeding female after Solomon the best avalible Stud dog over there at this moment there will be 2 Puppies for sale after Solomon Bloodlines in August.

I also got 2 great Male Stud dogs from Mitch Seavy (Fargo) and Paul Gebhardt (Psycho) you can see theme underStud dogs 
They have both Finish Iditarod with MItch and Paul

When you go over to Alaska you start to Dream about Racing

Dream a Dream !!

Happy Trails


Puppy season and a trip to Alaska

This season is ging to its end but tomorrow me and Lotta go on a Mountain tour
with the young ones and next week we have a great trip to Pältsa..Swedish Northern Post
I love this end of season trips..its 20 hours sun and you can run the dogs all the days :)

There have been many Females here at the kennel and we made some great breedings
of our own also
There will be some puppies for sale in a while
The breeding we have done is

Alamo and VInd (Roger Dahl/Engholm)
Rumba and Holly
Alamo and Selma
Castro and Libby

We have also used Skorpan in bredings to dogs from Finland and Sweden

I plan a new visit to Alaska in 2-3 weeks

I am bying 2-3 Dogs who run the Iditarod this year in Top Teams
with the best bloodlines avalible over there..
Realy looking forward to it..

I love Alaska

Happy trails

Happy puppies

The last preparings

The week before the Europes longest race finnmark is always the most to do for us..and me
Run tours, Preparing food drops, Run the race dogs, Check the race dogs..

The Team for the Race this year is
Ross Senja
Titan Belmore
Chess Gross
Alamo Cookie
Daim Duffy
Jenta Elton
Cash Skorpan
Tams Holly

We have Castro injured and Sussex not in good shape
I run the last longer training trip 110 km 2 days ago..and they where realy fine the dogs
MY running schedule for this year is no secret..I am going to run the race with 4-6 hours lesser resting time then last year
it will be good to see how the dogs handle that :)

WE are also Nordic champions in long distance 8 dog class !!
My handler and Guide Roger won the 320 km Tobacco trail with a happy team from my kennel
in very bad conditions snow storm and loose trails
His first sleddog race ever !! 
Congrats Roger

Happy trails

Training season

HI !

This is the Hardest part of the year to train the dogs for Europes longes sleddog race in March
where i going to participate in, But its also the best part !
I realy love this winter period when you can train the dogs for days without meeting other People on the trail only you and the the Dogs and
a lots of wildlife..
On the long run i did 2 days ago to Soppero 220 km..I meet on the trail 11 Moose, Reindeers, Fox, Rabbits, Kings Eagle..Its sooo Nice::
The Trom quest race this weekend was cancelled but it was expected with so less snow they got this year, The next race is the Tobakslöpet in february

Its a long distance race for 320 km..3 weeks before the start of Finnmarkslopet

I got help with the training the last weeks its Roger Kemi a former Sprint musher he is singed up for the Tobakslöpet trail in february with my Team
It feels super good he is a good Dog Person and we head out for training next week togheter

This is the Team with 18 Dogs who is in full training at this moment

Holly Titan
Alamo Jenta
Cash Tams
Skorpan Senja
Daim Duffy
Elton Chess
Castro Gross
Belmore Cookie
Ross Sussex

Happy Trails