Our Dogs

The four legged stars of our company.

AtrixPentyl x Cavani

A calm nice male. He likes to cuddle if you are calm. He is a good runner in the team.

AroxPentyl x Cavani

A hyper active dog, likes to cuddle and to play. He is a strong boy and he will always pull.

AvalancheVind x Alamo

A big boy, he is always curious about what's going on. He loves to cuddle and is one of our Iditarod dogs.

Iditarod (5) - Yukon Quest (2)

BrotherIke x Special

CastroKira x Rumba

A old guy who teaches our young dogs to behave. He likes to cuddle and loves to be with other dogs.


CavaniRose x Alamo

He is a nice size male, he likes to cuddle. When he runs back to his kennel he will start showing off that he runs free.

Finnmarksløpet (1)
Leader (Main)

CedarPosh x Mikkel

A calm male, and is a lead dog. He likes to cuddle but he is easy pushed away by other dogs.

Leader (Main)

CottonKuling x Vasco

A nice male, doesn't like to be left alone in the kennel. Likes to cuddle and to play around.

CougarHolly x Kibble

A crazy male that likes to be on the roof. Cuddles is something he really likes.

DeiligHerlig x

Our biggest female and one of our Iditarod dogs. She is a calm dog but she is always in the mood for some cuddles.

Iditarod (1) - Femundlöpet (1)

EggsJazz x Summit

One of our Iditarod dogs, can run long in lead. She likes to cuddle but can be a bit reserved.

Iditarod (5) - Yukon Quest (1)
Leader (main)

EllaJenta x Yeti

A big female, likes to cuddle. She pulls really good in the team.

GooseHolly x Kibble

He is a cute boy, he always give you paws because he likes to cuddle you. Once you go and sit down he will come to you and cuddle you instead.

HollyBelfast x Lusniffer

Our Iditarod super star. She is our chearleader of the pack. She loves laying on houses, and also she likes lovely cuddles.

Iditarod (5)
Leader (Main)

JentaSoya x Rumba

A calm female and a good leader. She likes to have attention.

Leader (Main)

KårsaRose x Avalanche

She has a cute look on the face with a nice pattern of her coat. She likes to cuddle and is really easy with other dogs.

KibbleSnap x Scotch

Our oldest dog on the yard. He has many dogs after him. He likes to be inside, to cuddle and to be on the cough.

Leader (Main)

KnikTundra x Raptor

Our import from Alaska, he is a crazy boy, and really want's to know what is going on. He loves to cuddle.

KokosRose x Rumba

A calm dog and a chearleader in the team. She also likes to play sometimes hide and seek.

Finnmarksløpet(1) - Bergebyløpet (1)

LiljaMaggio x Cavani

A calm female, good in the team and likes to cuddle.

MaggioBjörk x Jackson

Small size female but loves running and cuddles. She prefers to be scratch'ed at the back, she will show you where.

Finnmarksløpet (2)
Leader (Main)

MegHolly x Kibble

A hyperactive dog, really good in the team. She really likes to jump at you.


MejaMaya x Rumba

A calm female, and really social to everyone. Once you have Meja inside you have lost your sofa or bed.


NessieVind x Alamo

A calm female who likes attention. Runs smooth in every team we have.

PältsaRose x Avalanche

A future leader, and a small female. She likes to cuddle.


PlumMaggio x Suarez

A funny female, She likes cuddles behind the ears but also on her belly, she just don't know which one to choose.


RangerHolly x Psycho

Our big star, he really loves food and also a lot of cuddles. He is one of our Iditarod dogs.

Leader (Main)

SälkaRose x Avalanche

An active male, he is like his father: always curious about what's going on. He likes to cuddle.

SalmiVind x Kibble

A big cuddle bear. A strong and calm male, he really likes food.

SenjaTale x Rumba

Looks like a gremling, she has a very strong mind. She likes to kiss you and cuddle. She starts screaming when you start preparing for a tour.

Finnmarksløpet (3)
Leader (Main)

SkipMeja x Kibble

He is a good leader. He loves to cuddle, and listens really good.

Leader (Main)

SuarezRose x Alamo

On of our Iditarod dogs. An amazing leader, he has run as main leader in 2019 Iditarod. He likes to cuddle if you are calm.

Iditarod (2)
Leader (Main)

TamsTale x Rumba

A strong male, and teacher for our young dogs to not do annoying things. He likes to cuddle and almost has no voice.

Iditarod (1) - Finnmarksløpet (3)

VascoRose x Titan

A funny male, sometimes really active. He is always happy when you give him a hard plastic ball.

VideMaggio x Cavani

Active dogs, likes to eat lines. He likes to cuddle and his best friend is his brother Ask. Did you know "Vide" is a Willow tree.

VoulosVind x Kibble

He is a big friendly guy, he likes to cuddle. He is strong in the team and loves food.


WoodyMikka x Woomy

He likes to cuddle and is really happy when we serve him his food.