Kiruna Sleddog Tours

An outdoor company in the northern parts of Swedish Lapland.

About the company

We are an outdoor company which provides sleddog tours, outdoor life as hunting and fishing trips in Europe's last Wilderness.
Our abode is in Kiruna, 300 km north of the Polar Circle, where we want to share our magnificent nature. We always works with professional outdoor guides.

Our offers are intended for Companies, groups and private persons with an interest in unusual experience, for ex Hunting trips with Sleddogs, Ice-fishing and Aurora lights trips.

We always put the food in center with exciting meals from Norrland and with raw material which comes directly from the Nature. If you like we can tailor make your stay here after your very own wishes.

We would like to welcome you as our guest to a mythfull landscape with Midnight Sun during the summer and Northern Light during the winter.