Arctic Dome

Sleep under the stars in the Arctic Dome

Our Arctic Dome is located just by our kennel 4 km outside of Kiruna, you are totally alone in a beautiful area surrounded by our sleddogs and the amazing nature.

We provide tours in combination with accommodation. Daily pick up by our guide at Kiruna city at 6pm to around 9 pm for our Aurora "Artic Dome" Tour with sleddogs or snowmobile

We arrange breakfast in the morning and take you back to Kiruna city around 10 am the next morning.



Price for our aurora tour and accommodation is 3500 SEK/pers/night. If you are more then 2 persons please contact us

Only 2 Arctic Domes available!


Inclusive. Dinner above an open fire, breakfast in the morning and a beautiful ride with our sleddogs or our snowmobile. Also we provide you with warm clothes for our tours.


Our Arctic dome is also available without a tour for 900 SEK/pers/night or 1800 SEK/night for 2 persons.

There is also a Big Artic dome for 2500 SEK/night for 4 persons, also available if you are with less then 4p. 



You can book our accommodation thru the following link:


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